Everyday Poser–Computer Time

Okay–I am obviously sitting at my computer as I compose this. And I was sitting in my chair until about a minute ago. But then my butt fell asleep. Because that is what comfy chairs do–they allow your body to fall asleep. Unable to take a “selfie” (which is the word of the year!), I stole a picture from a kitteh site:

(so this isn’t REALLY me)

But it is how I am “sitting” right now in a modified Virasana pose. Minus the kitteh. Look how sleepy that cat looks. Yep, chairs are definitely for resting–which is fine, but not for hours at a time! Notice how aligned the person on the computer is–knees, hips, shoulders, ears all in line and his face is able to look directly into the computer screen. I love yoga and teaching yoga and I hope you all come to classes all the time. But check what you do everyday for hours a day and try to become an everyday poser. And let the sleeping cat be–so cute–and absolutely the best use for the chair!

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