Everyday Poser–Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy!

Here is a photo of my plant. We’ll call her Ivie:

IMG_1202Recently I gave Ivie some fishing line to grow up along and she is REALLY happy in that window as you can see.

Or maybe not completely–here is a close up on the lower leaves that are just under the sunlight concentration:

IMG_1203Ivie’s bottom leaves have been yellowing and dying quite a lot ever since I gave her that scaffolding. There is just so much sunshine on her shoulders that her feet are being de-prioritized and allowed to wither.

Where is the sun not reaching in your body? What areas are cramped either from sitting, slouching, or encasing (like feet in shoes)? Our spinal structure should be like the fishing line scaffold I made for Ivie–opening us up for nourishment. But we need to move everything equally. Check around for immobile parts that are beginning to wither! Just like Ivie–our bodies are selective and will begin to slough off the “leaves” that are not needed. Functional movement should make your whole body happy and thriving!

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