Everyday Poser–Elbows off the table!!!


Everybody has said it, thought it, or had it yelled at them sometime. Why is it such a big deal?

The distance from the heart to the head is why. There is a reason why deep conversations are called “heart to hearts” and an argument is referred to as a “head to head.” The person in this photo is obviously bored. Her heart isn’t into the lovely meal, the company at the table, not even the wine! When we lean on our elbows, the anatomical action is a collapsing of the chest and the heart (along with the support structure of the spine and ribs) moves away from the head. The head is heavy. When it is place in a forward position, tension begins to rise in the occipital joint (head/neck connection) as well as in the jaw. Distant heart, heaviness, and tension do not lead to happy meals. Even if there is a toy.

Open your heart this Thanksgiving and sit tall. Become an #everydayposer and bring yoga to the table!

Everyday Poser–Computer Time

Okay–I am obviously sitting at my computer as I compose this. And I was sitting in my chair until about a minute ago. But then my butt fell asleep. Because that is what comfy chairs do–they allow your body to fall asleep. Unable to take a “selfie” (which is the word of the year!), I stole a picture from a kitteh site:

(so this isn’t REALLY me)

But it is how I am “sitting” right now in a modified Virasana pose. Minus the kitteh. Look how sleepy that cat looks. Yep, chairs are definitely for resting–which is fine, but not for hours at a time! Notice how aligned the person on the computer is–knees, hips, shoulders, ears all in line and his face is able to look directly into the computer screen. I love yoga and teaching yoga and I hope you all come to classes all the time. But check what you do everyday for hours a day and try to become an everyday poser. And let the sleeping cat be–so cute–and absolutely the best use for the chair!

Everyday Poser–Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy!

Here is a photo of my plant. We’ll call her Ivie:

IMG_1202Recently I gave Ivie some fishing line to grow up along and she is REALLY happy in that window as you can see.

Or maybe not completely–here is a close up on the lower leaves that are just under the sunlight concentration:

IMG_1203Ivie’s bottom leaves have been yellowing and dying quite a lot ever since I gave her that scaffolding. There is just so much sunshine on her shoulders that her feet are being de-prioritized and allowed to wither.

Where is the sun not reaching in your body? What areas are cramped either from sitting, slouching, or encasing (like feet in shoes)? Our spinal structure should be like the fishing line scaffold I made for Ivie–opening us up for nourishment. But we need to move everything equally. Check around for immobile parts that are beginning to wither! Just like Ivie–our bodies are selective and will begin to slough off the “leaves” that are not needed. Functional movement should make your whole body happy and thriving!

Everyday Poser-Hip Thrust

No–it’s not an anti-Rocky Horror’s Time Warp blog. I love takin’ a step to the right. And the title, Everyday Poser, is a new # for my blog (I don’t know what to call that number-thingy, but I know it works on Twitter and stuff). I will occasionally have a longer rant (if you know me, you know I like that old soap box!), but I’m going to up the frequency on blogging and start with a series of shorter blogs with a daily practice tip to put yoga into your life everywhere. These blogs will begin a long and exciting process of becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist. I’m super-excited to start this learning adventure and share my experiences over the next year! Let’s go Everyday Poser Possey!

#1: Here is me thrusting my hips (thanks to Sigrid for the photobomb)

#2: Here is me with my hips over my heels in proper alignment
IMG_1194The first “hip thruster” pose is something I find myself doing in the kitchen constantly. It seems as if I am taking a load off and freeing my arms to work harder. But if you compare it to the aligned hips over pelvis pose, you can see my mid back is straighter and my shoulders are more anchored into their sockets. Also my belly isn’t going to directly eat that apple–my ribs and stomach are stacked and supportive. Notice how you are standing next time you are in the kitchen!