108 Reasons I Love My Job (written on 10/8)

  1. I have always loved movement and being active.
  2. I was a zen child–spending hours outside picking wild strawberries or visiting with imaginary friends.
  3. I am a physiology nerd.
  4. I love being healthy and hate being sick enough to make sure it rarely happens.
  5. I am extroverted enough to love being with other people…
  6. but introverted enough that they have to want to be with me.
  7. I am my own boss.
  8. I can create my own space.
  9. I am responsible for my successes and failures.
  10. I have a wonderful spouse who is supportive and participatory in my interests.
  11. I have a great business partner that shares my priorities.
  12. I have extraordinary instructors that share my vision of yoga.
  13. I have kids that have grown into lovely adults who help on the home front.
  14. My friends understand what I do for a living.
  15. My parents might not quite get it, but they love me anyway.
  16. I get to be barefooted all day long.
  17. I get to wear comfortable clothes.
  18. Makeup is optional and kept to a minimum.
  19. I can meditate in the middle of the day.
  20. I have access to a yoga studio whenever I want to practice.
  21. There is always the possibility of going to a beautiful island to study yoga.
  22. If that becomes a reality, it is also a tax write-off.
  23. I have had the privilege of studying with some wonderful teachers.
  24. I love learning–so studying a 6,000 year old practice will always offer a challenge.
  25. I am surrounded by people that love to learn as well.
  26. Those people enrich my life more than they can know.
  27. Together we have created a small, beautiful community.
  28. My fellow practitioners support my ideals,
  29. my business,
  30. and my breath.
  31. At the end of class, we acknowledge each other with a word of peace, Namaste.
  32. My practice makes me strong.
  33. My practice makes me flexible.
  34. My practice keeps me balanced.
  35. I like who I am because of yoga.
  36. I like what I look like because of yoga.
  37. I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone else because of yoga.
  38. I don’t feel the need to judge anyone else because of yoga.
  39. I hope to help others discover these same qualities within themselves through yoga.
  40. I can live my dharma by teaching yoga.
  41. I can create good karma by living my yoga.
  42. I can practice my spirituality through yoga.
  43. My spirituality doesn’t involve dogma.
  44. My dog does a great down dog.
  45. I do a pretty go down dog, too.
  46. Because of down dog, I have learned how to release tension in my pelvis and sacrum.
  47. I am learning the beauty of the human design in all its glory.
  48. Some of that glory isn’t very nice to talk about, but I’m okay with that.
  49. Like pelvic floor disorders and sneeze-peeing.
  50. My physiology nerd shines when I talk about the pelvis.
  51. I am fairly continent due to my knowledge and practice.
  52. I can maybe help others to stay or get back to that state of being.
  53. I can help women recognize not only their problems, but their power.
  54. Halfway!
  55. I can open the door to the studio when it is a nice day.
  56. I can set the temperature to a comfortable level for me.
  57. I have a great landlord…
  58. good parking
  59. and I just got a free bike rack for out front.
  60. The name of the studio is On The Path Yoga and we are literally on the bike path.
  61. I can ride my bike or walk to work.
  62. The view out the studio windows has huge trees.
  63. Even though we are on a major traffic route.
  64. Which gives the studio good exposure.
  65. Another business here is a child care center, so I get to see cute kids going to school every day.
  66. There are also many ballerinas in our parking lot (another occupant is a dance studio)
  67. I can pick from several great places to eat lunch–all within walking distance.
  68. I have a little covered area that has outdoor seating for lunch breaks.
  69. Because of my activity levels, I can eat without too much worry.
  70. Because of my type of activity, I tend to hunger for food that is healthy and nutritious.
  71. I also like wine.
  72. I can see my business grow just like I saw my children grow.
  73. At 51, I feel youthful and vibrant.
  74. I am, however past child bearing age.
  75. I can see growth in myself along with my business and children.
  76. With grown children and a sense of fulfillment, I sleep really well at night.
  77. I can’t remember the last time I felt sick.
  78. If I did get sick, however, I can barter with a wonderful Naturopath next door…
  79. Also, with the massage therapists.
  80. My creative side is challenged to make marketing displays and programs.
  81. My practical side is challenged with accounting and budgeting.
  82. My intellectual side is challenge by learning Sanskrit, biomechanics, and Ayurveda.
  83. My compassionate side is challenged by the amount of human suffering around me.
  84. My skeptical side is challenged when miracles occur (constantly).
  85. My spiritual side is challenged by always opening a little wider toward luminosity.
  86. All this calls for coffee, which I have easy access to throughout the day.
  87. I can use the presence of my business in community events and causes.
  88. When I do, I get lovely thank you notes and letters.
  89. Children especially love yoga and their joyful response is always appreciated.
  90. I also get thanks and appreciation every day from my adult students.
  91. I get to see what a regular yoga practice does for their well-being.
  92. I am part of the health care solution.
  93. I can offer this solution at an affordable price for most people.
  94. I offer community classes regularly for those that cannot afford to pay for classes.
  95. I can combine my understanding of Western medicine with Eastern health practices and be on the forefront of a wholistic wellness approach.
  96. I can see the growth towards this approach happening on multiple levels all the time.
  97. I have access to an incredible resources right at the tip of my fingers through the internet and websites devoted to furthering research and understanding of health.
  98. These resources are often times offered for free.
  99. My teachers have also always been available to help me in specific ways, often for free or just the cost of a cup of tea, coffee, or wine.
  100. I get to have tea, coffee, or wine with some of the most incredible people!
  101. Did I mention how much I admire my students?
  102. Did I mention how much I respect my business partner?
  103. Did I mention how much I am indebted to my teachers throughout the years?
  104. Did I mention how much I am grateful for the opportunity to own a business?
  105. Did I mention how incredible it is to have a successful business?
  106. Did I mention how beautiful it is to hold a class of souls in meditation?
  107. Did I mention how thankful I am to have a wonderful marriage with a supportive and loving husband of 30 years?
  108. Did I mention that life is a miracle and I am blessed?