Fail Blog

Recently I saw a Facebook posting: “If you could do anything and know that you would not fail, what would you do?”

My work experience is mostly in the fitness industry. Rife with goals and witty, pithy one liners stating that you can just do it, it is a world of belief in miracles. Anyone can become healthy and fit if they only work hard and believe in themselves enough. By achieving their health and fitness goals, they will be happy. And it will all be FUN! (happy face emoticon)!!! I have seen some wonderful transformations over the years, no doubt, and I reveled in the opportunity to guide someone in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. But for every success, there were many more people who failed.The weight came back, the injury worsened, the strength gain was lost. But did they really fail?

Bad news–they did fail. Good news–no big deal. How many times in our lives are we dealt a failing hand at something? The normal response is to walk away from the game. Not your night. Live and learn. Try again another time.

But this is their HEALTH and HAPPINESS! How can I say this???

I can say it because the game was rigged. The deck was totally stacked. The ante that you chipped into wasn’t ever going to be won by anyone at the table. There is no pot. I love philosophy! And really bad metaphors! And if I only tried things that absolutely would not fail, I would not have started a blog!

So let’s talk about success. What does it mean to win at yoga and life in general? In my understanding of yoga philosophy, what might be called winning is Samadhi. Bliss. And it is depicted as sort of unachievable. Especially if you make it a goal. So pretty much you fail no matter how hard you try. But, soooo worth it if you achieve it. Sort of like, “if you could do anything and know that by trying you would fail, would you do it anyway?” Stupid-sounding game, huh? What is the point?

The point is that when you have passion and a practice, you get better. You don’t necessarily get thinner, happier, or even win. Just better, but maybe not in the way you expected. And not every day. Sometimes you draw the go back two spaces card (mixing metaphors a bit; hope that’s okay, ‘cause I failed in Writing 101). But you just stay in the game. Maybe your truest self doesn’t look like a model or run like a cheetah. Just understanding that aspect of yourself is progress in the game of life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep playing. Win or lose.